Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Here I sit
Came to shit
But only farted

The above nugget is from Amit Varma, the blogger, who really writes.
I was starting to start, rather restart my blog and start it with the theme of fun from banaras.It is this image of banaras, kashi, varanasi that it is a very religious city, and the city with a ghat where the burning pyre has never died out, where people come to die and the widows are left uncared and neglected, where the riots take place , which is the centre of crime of eastern uttar pradesh.However, the above-said thing is true to some extent, and we must certainly do something to end and change some of it.But, there is another facet of banaras, which is largely unknown to people.The carefree banaras, the masti banaras, the bindas banaras, the funny banaras is hidden and vivid as well, just that, it needs some patience, to be intoxicated with the life of banaras.
The other day, a friend of mine named SS , who also lives in delhi, and runs a successful business, had come from banaras to earn a living, and had started as a salesboy, was commenting about the spiraling crime rate in banaras.SS said, "now when I have earned enough, I shall buy a car, and take it to banaras and move around and get kidnapped within three days of arriving there". Just when I was thinking that he would visit the people who might have doubted his entrepreneurial skills, and prove to them that he has done what he had wanted, he took to opposite direction , and mentioned the kidnapping , interlacing it with his success, and the hidden humor that is what I call a true Banarasi.
Similarly the the above post via Amit Varma, reminded me about the subtlety of Banaras.

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