Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I am a fan of Hugh McLeod.I subscribe to his newsletters. They are like life which is at times it is a simple observation, at times it is a nugget of wisdom, at times it is a wisecrack and so on. He is a cartoonist , a business strategist, a writer and a great blogger. You can visit his website here www.gapingvoid.com .

Today I received this emailer ( http://bit.ly/w1ergP ) from him, which Perfectly describes my state of mind these days. It talks about obsessiveness.


I've always had an obsessive quality, especially about my work.
I guess you need that, if you're going to draw as many drawings as I have.
Or if you're going to build a great business or long-term project or whatever.
I like the idea of this print, hanging up in someone's office, reminding him or her about why they work differently than everybody else.
Why they get to see and do the stuff everybody else does not.
And why, deep down inside, it'll pay off one day.
Hell, yeah...

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