Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shack : Long Story Short Part I

After three seven years and innumerous disappointments I have realized that if there is anything in this world worth living, it  is one’s tiny, irrelevant and inconsequential pursuit or purpose . I have tried to tell myself that with a few more bunch of currencies , a bit more fortified walls of security and a few more pantheons of recognition and praise life will be better, but all in vain.

Yes, I am talking about my journey after I passed out from Delhi University with a third division to a shady college to a few years of complete obscurity and confusion to the first unsuccessful steps towards entrepreneurship to unbroken chain of disappointments and failures to the current stage. Currently I am building a new Media Marketing Agency ( ) , which was formalized in 2008 and also working towards opening India’s first genuine Specialty Coffee Café.

I had thought a lot about sharing this inconsequential story , but I have decided against it time and again for the simple reason that who would want to know what have I done in my life. But then I thought that sharing one’s story is not just for the achievers, successful professionals, popular personalities and so called great men. Why can’t someone who has not achieved professional heights , earned fortune by getting funded and still struggling to figure out his life ,share his story. And with that very thought  I am doing this.

Three main characters in the story are coffee, a friend and the city called Delhi. In my next post I will share how the muck filled Yamuna can fill someone with hope and desire to excel. So, at times we should love Sheila Dixit for prodding us to better things in life.

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