Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The best statistical graphic ever drawn?

While I run New Media Firm, Shack , I need to do things which are tasks handed over to us by our clients which needs to be finished within deadlines. We tend to focus more on the end results and less on the processes . Clients  ask for things which are newer and more interesting.  I have always thought about how to make existing  things better. Similarly I think  that presentations is one such thing , which is our primary vehicle to shuttle our ideas to clients in the form of proposals. Therefore, they also seek for presentations which consist  ‘out of box’ ideas. Some take pride in fifty slider presentation, while some take pride in visually rich presentations, and some try to be minimalist in their approach. Focus seems to be more towards audio visual spectacle and not towards looking at a problem or a solution.

I remember a saying by Paramhansa Ramakrishna who said that to kill oneself one only needs a razor blade ,while to kill others one needs a big weapon. In a similar fashion we do not need numerous objectives or goals to do good work. Intrepid is one such company which works towards solutions and I have begun to admire their work in the field of social media analytics and market research consultancy. I was going through their blog and this post in particular, which says ,” There always has to be a better and richer way of showing something than through piles of histograms and pie charts.” I think that similar approach is what makes striving for excellence worthy of a goal in one’s life or work.  The image above is the graphical representation of Napoleon’s march on Moscow and its retreat , which is explained in the above mentioned blog , gives so much information in so less a space, in the process fortifying my belief in “less is more”.

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