Monday, November 01, 2010

Let me introduce "Shack Coffee Company".

In my last to last post I had mentioned the reason behind starting Shack Design Co. And the reason was Shack Coffee Co. , which I had set out to establish in the autumn of 2007. For the first two years nothing much happened. Initially  I was learning about coffee on my own and dreaming to open a café. Later  I chanced upon meeting founders of Finca Coffee, probably the only boutique roasters in the country then and even today. After I met them I started learning the nuances of coffee, which I will rather explain in the Shack Coffee’s blog.

With the never ending enthusiasm and the eyes dreaming endlessly I was never in a position to think of opening the café because of various reasons ,which now seem foolish. Finally the first opportunity knocked in June, this year, when Ajay Jain of Kunzum offered me to set up and run a manual coffee bar at his travel café. I set up the coffee bar and ran it for three months before the differences cropped up between Ajay and I . We amicably decided to part our ways . All the while I was also running my New Media business and scaling it up brick by brick . I was slightly sad as my first attempt to start the café had kind of failed. I went about running the business thinking that I would only open the café when I have enough money.

It seems that again I am being proved wrong. Few days back I came across a vacant shop front near our office in Shahpurjat . I asked my roaster friends if they would like to open a café in partnership with me . They came to see the property. After we had seen the place, my roaster friends took me along to meet a friend of theirs, who run an organic foods venture called Dubden Green . I came to know that promoters of Dubden green Ganesh and Jayshree had been wanting to open a café, but since they were busy running their business, they were unable to do so. During the course of our conversation we realized that all of us are in the same boat and it occurred to us that we relook at the idea of opening the café at their property.

I am once again excited at the prospect of opening the café , as I see café as a platform where people meet each other, participate in genuine conversations and gradually form a community around good things in life. I have this gut feeling that people growing organic food and buying the same will also believe in the things above and eventually lay the foundation for a sustainable café. So, here I am presenting Shack Coffee Co. again where you will get  coffee, the way it should be. Cheers!

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